Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Summer at Spring Hill Farm

Hi All!  Sorry for my lack of posts.  The blog, DIY projects & decorating have taken a back burner to spending time with family, friends and enjoying this wonderful weather! 

I have been able to grab a few pictures that I thought I would share..

We visited one of my favorite stores on our vacation to Maine - SEABAGS.
We always make a stop in Freeport. Seabags was the first in the market to make bags out of recycled sails.  Each bag is one of a kind.  I have a couple of them, but had to add one more to my collection.
My new Whale Seabag looks perfect in my mudroom hung next to a Turkish Towel.  It is also just the right size to hold a towel, sweater and snacks for the beach. 

The boys caught their first large mouth bass on our trip.  I cherish the days we spend with family in Maine every year.  The boys not only get to fish, but water ski and kneeboard.  The smiles on their faces are priceless.
I have done a little rearranging around the house.  I moved my Vintage Artillary Basket from my front hall to the kitchen.  I filled it with my old bread boards.  One of those moments when you say why didn't I do this sooner.  It looks perfect in its new home.
I will try to blog more often.  While I am gone enjoy the warm days and smiles of your little ones.  Time flies to quickly!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Cluck - Urban Farm & Garden Supply

Don't you just love when you find a new store?  I do!  The shopper in me gets so excited.  The other day I was looking through my new, May issue of Better Homes & Gardens.  It talked about some really amazing stores in Providence, Rhode Island. 

The one that really caught my attention was Cluck.  It is an old gas station that has been transformed into an urban farm and garden supply store.  As a gardener and owner of chickens, I knew I would have to take a visit and soon.  The boys and I happened to be in the area today so we took a trip. 

It has an amazing selection of chicken, bee keeping and gardening supplies.  I loved these reproduction charts.  Definitely going on my "I want list".

I also grabbed a variety of French carrot, lettuce and radish seeds. All can be sowed in the Spring. 

I just love when you find a place that combines old, new and supports local business.  If you are in the area please check them out! Cluck RI

Monday, April 14, 2014

How Far We Have Come - Before & After

Sometimes I forget how far we have come with the renovations of this house.  Most days I am making a mental to do list that is a mile long.  I walk out side to see buildings that need to be repainted, gardens need to be planted, yard to be fertilized, fencing needs to be put up, etc. etc.  It may be 7 years later but, all of our weekends are now filled with soccer & baseball.  The projects have come to a screeching halt. 

I needed to stop for a minute this Monday morning and appreciate just how much has been done.  In 2007 when we purchased this 1820 farm house it was in very poor shape.  We did 75% of the work ourselves with the help of my Dad.  We worked on it for almost 5 months before we even moved in.  So today I see the cup as half full...not half empty.  Spring is here!  Look how far we have come! 

Spring 2013

Spring 2007
Summer 2007